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If you regularly use a modern CMS to create stories for the web, you can build games with the Story Builder.

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Reach your audience where they are, create your stories where you are. The Story Builder lets you design, edit, and release games via desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

The Challenge

The news media are in trouble. Audience engagement and credibility are down. This is happening at a time when people are consuming and sharing snippets of information through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and memes. Newsrooms are anxious to find effective ways to reach, engage and retain audiences, especially younger adults who are not tuning into the nightly news or picking up the daily paper the way their parents did. Many journalists are eager to experiment with creating games for journalism, but have not done so citing barriers like time, money, and technical resources that newsgame development could take.

TheĀ Solution

Playable Media is an audience engagement and analytics company created to help legacy media reach news consumers in an interactive, immersive way. Our research has found that journalists want to build games into their offerings but are afraid of both the cost and their inability to design effect games. Our first product is a simple-to-use immersive digital narrative games tool that specifically addresses the concerns of journalists along with a powerful analytics engine to measure the player engagement that newsrooms value. Research has shown that immersive games engage people longer and can help people understand complex issues.

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Create your account and use the Story Builder to release your first mobile-ready game today. Visit Ā our team page to learn more about us and let us know if you’d like to chat about journalism innovation with games and mobile engagement.