First, create your account at Then, check your email and click the link confirm your account and to log in to the Story Builder.

The Welcome Message

When you log in for the first time, you’ll see this welcome message:

This is the welcome message for the initial log in. After your first log in, you won’t see this message again.

Naming Your First Game

Click the blue “New Story” button at the top right to get started. Then, you’ll see this “New Story” page:

The Story Name becomes the title of your game, you can come back and edit it any time.

Enter some text in the “Story Name” field, you can call this one “Getting Started” if you like. After you name your story¬†click the blue “Save” button at the top right.

The Story Builder Dashboard

After you save your first story you can begin adding slides. I’ll go over the game builder area and designing games more in the next few posts. First, this is what the Story Builder Dashboard looks like:

When you log in from now on, you’ll be taken to this Dashboard.

Every story you create will be listed here and you’ll have access to edit, delete, and view saved/published stories from this area.

Try making your own games

Ready to create your own playable stories with the Story Builder? Here are a series of posts to get you going: